A1B-CKECKE-WAK || AS-Schneider 2876

Manufacturer: AS-Schneider

Connections Body material SS316 Body material F91
Inlet Outlet Part no.
14mm socket weld 14mm socket weld A1B-EEAEEA-SAK A1B-EEAEEA-WAK
16mm socket weld 16mm socket weld A1B-EFAEFA-SAK A1B-EFAEFA-WAK
16mm socket weld 14mm socket weld A1B-EFAEEA-SAK A1B-EFAEEA-WAK
25 x 5,5mm butt weld 14mm socket weld A1B-CKEEEA-SAK A1B-CKEEEA-WAK
25 x 5,5mm butt weld 16mm socket weld A1B-CKEEFA-SAK A1B-CKEEFA-WAK
25 x 5,5mm butt weld 25 x 5,5mm butt weld A1B-CKECKE-SAK A1B-CKECKE-WAK
1/2" pipe socket weld 1/2" pipe socket weld A1B-D4AD4A-SAK A1B-D4AD4A-WAK
1/2 NPT female 1/2 NPT female A1B-LN4LN4-SAK A1B-LN4LN4-WAK
14mm compression fitting 14mm compression fitting A1B-HR5HR5-SAK A1B-HR5HR5-WAK
16mm compression fitting 16mm compression fitting A1B-HR6HR6-SAK A1B-HR6HR6-WAK

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